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## Installing from a Windows Proxy Server
## Michael L. Goeringer <>

Anyone who has spent time sifting through the FreeBSD-Questions mailing list knows creative users try every means possible to get FreeBSD loaded onto their system. After building my latest system with a network card, and being to impatient to wait until I had the modem for it, I found I could easily install FreeBSD utilizing my Windows 95 notebook as a proxy server.

To set setup the proxy server requires two steps. First you need to setup your network card with a local IP address. If you normally use Microsoft Networking this is not yet accomplished. Enter the Network Configuration in the Control Panel and select TCP/IP (your network card). Under properties, select the "IP Address" tab, then select the "Specify an IP Address" radio button and enter a local IP address. I suggest you use Close all windows and reboot. You are now ready to install the proxy server software. There are several around, but I found the free version of (2.1d) does a great job at the right price. The final configuration needed is to set WinGate (or whatever you decide to use) to auto forward ftp requests to a FreeBSD ftp server (be sure to use port 21). You can follow the product information for this.

Now it's time to load FreeBSD. Using your boot disk(s), begin your install as normal (Please consult the FreeBSD Handbook for specific installation questions). When you get to the main sysinstall menu select "Options". Highlight "Release Name" and add the full path of the release you are loading. For example, /pub/FreeBSD/3.1-RELEASE. You may now begin normal installation. After you've selected your distribution, choose an FTP install and set up the network interface. For the gateway and DNS, enter the local IP address you gave to the proxy server. Your final task is to specify and FTP site. Select "URL" and enter the local proxy server IP address. Now, after you confirm your ready to install, installation will begin as normal. Be sure to log onto you local ISP first! If you have any problems or questions feel free to contact me at .

Michael L. Goeringer

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