March 2000

New stats...
Posted Friday, March 31, 2000 by
Just an FYI if you're wondering why the stats look different..

We've switched from using analog to generate them to using webalizer. I was looking into doing this for a while, and finally decided to go ahead and do so. One thing to take note of, instead of the stats being generated every two hours, they're generated nightly at midnight now. I may go back to every two hours, but I'll end up with a bunch of tiny apache log files if I do so because every time I have webalizer run, I rotate the log files (it's much easier that way).

At any rate, if you have any comments, feel free to .

Addition to advocacy article...
Posted Thursday, March 30, 2000 by
emailed me with something I had missed in my advocacy article. This is such a good idea, I can't believe I missed listing it. Anyway, this is from the email Richard sent:

I'd like to suggest an additional way to advocate FreeBSD which Linux advocates have used effectively:

Fill out online surveys from software vendors and
let them know there many of us who use FreeBSD--
and many of us who would purchase native BSD apps.

The following survey is still in on-going and includes
several questions with FreeBSD as a multiple choice

Thanks Richard :-)

New issue is out...
Posted Wednesday, March 15, 2000 by
Well, as you probably have noticed, the new issue is out. With this, there have been some notable changes, with the main one being that all of the documents have been renamed from .html to .php3. If you have bookmarks, you simply need to change the .html to .php3; the filenames themselves have not changed, just the extensions. You may have also noticed that the editorial is missing. Joel has it and will be adding it to the site shortly. As always, enjoy the new issue, and if you have any questions, .

BSDCon 2000
Posted Friday, March 10, 2000 by
The official BSDCon 2000 web site is now up at . Right now there isn't much info there, but I'm working on getting it up-to-speed as soon as possible. If you're planning on attending this year's BSDCon, be sure to check out the site, as it will answer most questions you have.

Official press release about the WC/BSDI merger..
Posted Thursday, March 9, 2000 by
Here's the official press release about the merger.. it'll also be available on the site tonight at midnight when it rebuilds (I committed it today, but the site only builds twice a day.. at noon and midnight). Check it out here.

Walnut Creek CDROM and BSDI merger
Posted Wednesday, March 8, 2000 by
Yes, it has finally happened. and have merged. I'll be posting an official PR from WC and BSDI here and on the site as soon as I get final approval. I'll add a link to it as soon as it's posted. In the meantime, you can read the about it, and if you're feeling brave, there's also an article on about it. Slashdot will also be having an interview with Bob Bruce later today and I'll add a link to that when the time comes as well.