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## Is Beastie Evil? I think not.
## Rob Garrett <>

I was reading through some old email messages the other day and ran across some from some "Radical Christians" concerning the *BSD logo, Beastie. I have decided that now is the time to speak out and tell the real story of what the Christians' attitude towards Beastie should be, from a biblical perspective. However, before I get into this, I would like to tell you a little bit about me, and why this particular topic grates on my nerves.

I was initiated into the occult at the age of 13 and spent ten years practicing magic and sorcery. I was the youngest elder high priest that our coven had ever had. I sat on the high council as high priest. Due to Major alcoholism problems and cocaine abuse, I ended up living at the union gospel mission in Ft. Worth Texas.

As mentioned above, I practiced all sorts of magick and one of the types I was most familiar with was dream magick; however around this period of time I started having a strange dream that I couldn't control. I had this dream every night for 6 months. The dream went kind of like this; there was a short Jewish guy beckoning to me. This dream irritated me to the point that I couldn't sleep at all, and worked around the mission there until I was so exhausted that I just collapsed. Finally, one night in this dream, I asked this Jewish guy who he was and what he wanted. He said "I am Jesus Christ and died to save you from your sins". Well, I got up and went down to the chapel there in the mission, and just threw my hands up in the air, and said, "Ok God, I'm tired of fighting with you".

Three months later, at a Kenneth Copeland convention, I was baptized with the holy ghost. I started Bible College three months after that. Now, I hadn't made it past the 9th grade in school and that was a major challenge for me. I came close to graduating but never quite made it, the year before last I spent traveling with a Christian Gospel Singer named . Now that my life has settled down some, I'm back into the computer world and doing something that I love once again. However, the "Christian" comments about the *BSD logo, fail to bring to life the whole point of what the Bible has to say on the subject.

The subject of demonology in the modern church seems to bring to the forefront that we have lost sight of who Christ is and what his death accomplished. We don't seem to have any problem bringing all sorts of evil into our houses and minds via television, and radio, and all sorts of other media while speaking out on the evils of computer technology. The only biblical reference that can be taken into regards concerning computers at all is this; "In the latter days, knowledge shall increase bringing forth all kinds of new inventions". Those that believe that computers have anything do to with the mark of the beast, or that the mark of the beast is a embedded silicon chip need to reread the book of revelation. To get the mark of the beast one MUST bow down and worship the beast. The beast is Satan and this won't happen by trickery.

Those that claim that Beastie is a devil have never seen the images of Satan that I have. This cute little cartoon character in no way reflects anything remotely evil, just a large step forward in technology. We know that Satan is not capable of anything creative, so anything that is truly creative and on the cutting edge must be from God.

Yours truly,


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