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The FreeBSD 'zine
FreeBSD 'zine News - Issue #5/#6

Mega-Issue!��Those of you who visited last month will recall the news from last month mentioning that Issue #5 and Issue #6 will be combined into a "mega-issue". Well, here it is. I also mentioned that we were in the process of converting everything to SGML source and generating the HTML from that. The conversion is complete, and with it, we have yet another new look. We hope you'll enjoy it.

Netscape NetCenter Channel!��Thanks to a suggestion on the mailing list by , we created a . Click on the link above, or on the "Click to Add Channel" button to add it to your page.

Mirror Info!��As mentioned last month, we are currently working on setting up cvsupd to make mirroring easier for both the mirror site maintainers, and for ourselves. We plan on having the new system in place next month, and will have the instructions and a supfile available for those who wish to mirror us.

Monthly Articles
Editorial Cha-Cha-Cha Changes
Newbie's Corner Know Your Shell Commands
Security Taking Advantage of TCP Wrappers
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Makefiles An Introduction
Userland PPP Aliasing with PPP
Dual-boot Systems Installing FreeBSD on a Win95 box
Reverse DNS Setting up Classless Reverse DNS
Squid Setting up a Proxy using Squid
qmail��[part 3 of 6] The .qmail file
grep A Pattern Searching Utility
Mozilla Installing Mozilla on FreeBSD
System Monitoring Monitoring your System Remotely
An Opinion Is Beastie evil? I think not.
Vinum A Tutorial
/etc An Introduction
Crontab An Introduction
Samba��[part 1 of 2] An Introduction
Samba��[part 2 of 2] Setting up smb.conf
Advocacy FreeBSD Advocacy in a Linux-centric Environment
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