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Welcome to our news section. Originally, we thought about making our own news site, but then we figured there were plenty of existing news sites that offer .rdf files of their news that we could just include it without trouble instead of duplicating efforts. This is what we've ended up with. Enjoy :-)

Latest from Daemon News

These are the latest headlines from . For more news, be sure to visit their , and their parent site, .

Latest from Slashdot's BSD Section

These are the latest headlines from . For more BSD news, be sure to visit the . For various Open Source news, visit the main site.

Latest from the FreeBSD Diary

These are the latest articles from the . For more articles from the Diary, visit the .

Latest from OSOnline's BSD Section

This is the latest news from . These guys have a site similar to , and it's definitely worth a look if you're interested in BSD news.

Latest from Root Prompt

If you're looking for UNIX news in general, is the place to be. With everything from BSD news to Sun news to IBM news to everything in between, as their slogan says.. "Nothing but UNIX".

Latest from BSD Today

is 's BSD site. They have a bunch of great links to BSD news and resources. Definitely worth a look.

Latest from Freshports

is a site similar in nature to , however this site deals exclusively with FreeBSD ports and allows you to create your own "watch lists" for your favorite ports.

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