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Mailing Lists

We currently have two public mailing lists available that visitors and readers of the ezine can subscribe to. We may add more lists in time, but with the minimal amount of traffic the lists currently receive, we don't have a need for any others at this time.

Both lists are handled by majordomo, and you can subscribe to them by sending mail to <> with subscribe listname in the BODY of the message. It's a good idea to cut out any email signature when sending to majordomo so it's not accidentally interpreted as commands by majordomo.

To send mail to a list, send your message to, replacing listname with the name of the list. The available lists are:

ezine-announce * Notifications of new issues or important information
ezine-general General discussion, suggest articles, etc.

*Note: the ezine-announce list is a closed list. Posting is disabled for that list.

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